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Propolis, Eucalyptus, Manuka Honey Candy 300g
Propolis is a resinous substance collected by worker bees from leaf buds and bark of trees which co..
Royal Jelly Softgel 1000mg 60caps
Royal Jelly is a remarkable substance produced by worker bees to feed the queen bee, enabling her to..
Saw Palmetto 500mg 60 caps
Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) extract is used popularly in traditional herbal medicine for sympt..
So-Slim SOD Tea with Passion 24's
Together with the Food and Innovation Centre, Singapore, we have formulated a 100% natural, organic ..
SOD Lemon Tea 30's
Created with the Food and Innovation Centre, Singapore, our Life Compact Lemon SOD Tea takes rooibos..
SOD Original Tea 30's
Made from 100% high quality organic rooibos tea from South Africa, our Life Compact Original SOD Tea..
Sugar Balance 60caps
Tongkat Ali SOD Tea
Colostrum 300 tabs
Bovine colostrum is the milk produced by female cows in the first few days after they have given bi..
Propolis Softgel Capsules 500mg 90caps
Bees collect the resin or sap exuded by trees and then combines it with pollen and wax to form the d..
Colostrum Powder 450g
Bovine Colostrum is the milk from the mother cow during the first few days after birth. This first ..
Liver Detox 656mg 60 caps
Liver is a vital organ present in most of animals. It is important for detoxification, protein syn..
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