Sugar Balance 60caps

Sugar Balance 60caps

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Mothernest Sugar Balance is one of the first product in the market to help regulate blood sugar levels, an important function to complement our daily diet.

Specially formulated with chromium, fenugreek and gymnema sylvestre, this product helps to move blood sugar in the body and help enhance the action of insulin, an important hormone to allow our body to use the sugar from carbohydrates in our food for energy or storing them for later use. Fenugreek which are high in soluble fibre also helps to slow down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, hence reducing the spike of blood sugar levels.

i. Help support sugar metabolism & energy production.

ii. Help to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

iii. Help digestive function.

iv. Help support weight management.

Chromium, Fenugreek, Gymnema sylvestre

Take 1 capsule a day after meals or as directed by your healthcare professional

i. Keep tightly closed in a cool dry place below 30oC

ii. Keep out of reach of children